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When All Is Dust at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

When All is Dust presents new work from three exciting young artists, Alliyah Enyo, Niamh Hughes and Lorenzo Rangoni-Robertson.

The work in this exhibition represents the culmination of 9 months of research, production and learning undertaken by the artists who have been the recipients of ESW’s Youth Bursary Award.

I will be performing with Lorenzo Rangoni Robertson as part of his piece 'Incorporation'

with accompanying verses by Megan Rudden:

"Across the courtyard body parts float in isolation, detached from their whole, two unidentical sets echo one another. Luminescent lines materialise out of thick air, connecting parallels between parts. Like soundwaves and past lives, these lines are always present but rarely observed, the unseen is revealed in psychic dance. The sprawling forms created by a symphony of cords appear to be a method of communication, not just between each other, but outwards. Understanding happens slowly, we are static time travellers who can only watch in the hope of unravelling meaning. Each stroke exists despite the slowness of light, like dead stars seen by the living. Delay is subtle, each frame is retained in the eye to create a single moving thing; a child writes their name in the dark with a sparkler. There is potential in persistence of vision, a language of movement transformed into sky drawings, instantaneous memories map out infinite acts. Our bodies have their own consciousness, independent of mind, and this is the intelligence that creates the lines between us."

Lorenzo Rangoni Robertson is an Italian-British sculptor and performer. His projects investigate themes of connection, interpretation, transformation, convergence. With a particular focus on becoming ‘other’, he merges characteristics, materials, spaces and bodies. In these moments of confluence there is mystery and endless possibility, intrigue and community.

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