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Moss Scores

Image credit: Jassy Earl

Moss Scores are improvisational scores derived from the ecology, patterning and structures of mosses. I am interested in the ecological contribution of mosses, how they behave in their environments and relate with other species. I wonder, what might there be to gain on a social, cultural and political level if we could abstract these natural structures and processes and experience them with the body? One inspiration for the making of these scores is Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, ‘Gathering Moss’. 

I’m developing ways of sharing the Moss Scores in both workshop and written form.

I'll be opening the doors to those interested in joining me in my experiments with Moss Scores on Saturday 17th September 12pm-2pm in The Work Room Studio. Join me for a physical practice followed by an informal chat/feedback session. 

My third week of residency, I will be working remotely on the Isle of Skye working on a written version of these scores, with input from artist, Caroline Dear, and will make a small publication with Atlas Arts’s Making Publics Press book making studio. 

If you are interested in learning more about Moss Scores, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Supported through The Work Room's Residency programme​

Below is a trailer of some very initial explorations of moss scores, whilst maker-in-residence at The Barn Arts as part of Phosphorescence Festival

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