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Nowhere Art Club

Artist-in-residence with Atlas Arts and Seall Performing Arts in 2021/2022

Image Credit: Winifred Brook-Young

Supported by Feis Rois and Creative Scotland, Atlas Arts and Seall Performing Arts collaborated to invite me to lead a youth project on the Isle of Skye

"Nowhere Art Club, a space for 11-17 year olds to hang out. experiment, express, pretend, play, question, dream and have a bit of fun throughout the sessions. Celebrating creative tools (like dance, writing, filming and more) as a means for experimenting with 'the way things are' and discovering potential for the way things could be"

The name 'Nowhere Art Club' came from conversations with Ainslie (Atlas Arts) about the idea of 'utopia'. I enjoyed how in its roots it means, 'nowhere' or 'no place' . I thought that it was an exciting prospect for us to imagine throughout this project, in the knowledge that it is impossible to reach such a destination... It also felt like a name that fit well since the club didn't have a home; we used different spaces, indoor and outdoor, and also in the 'nowhere' space of online.

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