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Phosphorescence festival
- The Barn Arts -

Curated by Lucy Cash and Luke Pell, aka, 'Phos', the Barn Arts held a weekend festival of creative encounters including dance, talks, films and sensory workshops. "Phosphorescence is about coming together and shining a light on what matters to us all now."     image credit: Jassy Earl

I was invited to be a maker-in-residence at The Barn Arts and to present a sketch performance at the festival. I invited Isle of Skye - based Artist, Caroline Dear, to join me for some of the week in which we began a research into moss.

Intrigued by the strucutures and behaviour of mosses, Caroline and I found common ground in our mutual respect in the resilient, ancient ways of mosses. 

On the Friday evening, I performed with a mat woven out of moss, and some moss balls, all of Caroline's creations. There was a post-show discussion with Professor in Arts and Public Life, Anne Douglas.

on the Saturday I performed a light-hearted, interactive walk in which I introduced the very beginning ideas of making and playing with 'moss scores'

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