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Professional Class

Drawing from improvisation, floor work and partnering, I employ tools of imagery and imagination as a common ground, of which participants are encouraged to use them in a way that serves their practice and individual bodies. I endeavour to facilitate an experience of intimacy with the self and encourage a culture of light-hearted curiosity towards the personal experience of the moving body. Participants are encouraged to notice and utilise the gift of learning alongside others and in turn appreciate how teaching and learning becomes a collective endeavour. Working with the heightening of kinaesthetic and spatial awareness I hope to lead participants to a fuller sense of presence and appreciation for the limitless pathways of the moving body. 

Though I don't have a regular teaching time or place, I sometimes cover Company Class for Barrowland Ballet and have previously taught company class at Scottish Opera and Scottish Dance Theatre's evening Professional Class and with Towards Vivencia online professional training. 

If you are interested in inviting me to teach, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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