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Cuirm An Tir
- the call of the land -

In the summer of 2021, I collaborated with Iain Copeland, Skye Records, on a digital research project, looking into a dialogue between music, dance and the land on the Isle of Skye, funded by Creative Scotland


To view the films head to Skye Records website where you can freely view a short documentary


The result was 3 short films:

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Cuirm an Tir

loosely meaning, 'the call of the land', was the creative result of our research. The music was made by Skye Records in collaboration with Adam Sutherland, on fiddle, and Winifred Brook-Young, singing and poetry, which gave way to our title.

In the film Molly is wearing a shawl made out of hair moss, by local artist Caroline Dear. 

Filming and editing - Iain Copeland, Skye Records

Dancing and choreography - Molly Scott Danter

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The second film was a mini documentary on the making of Cuirm an Tir and the project in general, featuring footage of the project and interviews with Iain Copeland, Molly Scott Danter and Caroline Dear

The third film was an improvisation of drumming and dance in Edinbane hall using a mask and small rope woven imagery made by Caroline Dear

So far, we  have had two local screenings; one at Duirinish Media and Culture Club and one at Skye Bridge Studios. At both we shared the films, did an improvised performance (inspired by the mask video) and had a post-show discussion. At Skye Bridge Studio we also lead a dance workshop and a drumming workshop for all ages. 

It was wonderful to hear the feedback of local people, particularly hearing how they could recognise their connection with this landscape through what we had created. 

If you are interested in learning more about the project or seeing or screening the films, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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